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Welcome to White Buffalo Kids! Thank you for stopping by to meet the buffalo of White Buffalo. Here are some fun things to do:

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White Buffalo Kids!

Little Hopi

Little Hopi

Little Hopi

The little white buffalo is named after an southwestern Indian tribe. We call Little Hopi, "Hoppy", as a nickname. Like all young buffalo, Hoppy likes to hop. Our company is located located in Hopkins, Minnesota, and Hoppy sounds like "Hopkins".

Big Brother Tatonka

Big Brother Tatonka

Big Brother Ta-Tonka

Hopi's Big Brother is named after the Lakota word for a bull buffalo, "tatanka". The spelling is changed to honor Lake Minnetonka, a very large lake near the offices of White Buffalo. Lake Minnetonka has an Indian name that means, "Big Waters".

White Buffalo Fun Facts:

Artwork for Hopi and Ta-Tonka by Annika Hansen
Annika Hansen designed the cartoon characters that White Buffalo Solutions uses on our products designed for children. She has a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. Click here to see Annika's visual design gallery.